In a market – that of apparel technologies – increasingly demanding and in search of effective solutions that increase the results obtained by the individual players in the supply chain day by day, the Macpi technical team is constantly engaged in the study of new proposals able to anticipate the needs of the apparel industry. And not only that: a large part of our work is focused on the improvement of machines that are now tested and appreciated by customers, as in the case of the 336.59T seam sealing machine.

New release for the 336.59T Macpi seam sealing machine: the main news

Macpi presented the new version of the 336.59T seam sealing machine, column taping unit among the most popular stitch-free machines thanks to its versatility and its use with any type of fabric.

In its new release, the seam sealing machine has been further perfected especially as regards ergonomics and energy saving, which have always been two fundamental aspects in the design of Macpi machinery.

The main differences compared to the previous model are:

The machine can be managed by the operator through a practical latest generation colour touch screen that allows you to program and save the parameters of the working cycle.

Like most Macpi technologies, the seam sealing machine is designed for the Industry 4.0 connection. You will be able to equip your industry with a new Made in Italy excellence and enrich your integrated and connected production sector.

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